Lift Cladding

Rising star  is a leading provider of designer stainless steel Lift cladding in art etching and textured patterns to give attractive and appealing look to your space. You can avail it from Rising star in numerous standards, customized sizes, finishes and patterns for elevator interiors and exteriors. Stainless steel lift claddings are clean and attractive and are an excellent upgrade for an elevator. Rising star is a leading provider of corrosion resistant, durable claddings in steel that have uplifted the look and feel of elevators and can be vitally used to improve the appearance of your property. Contact us to know how we can serve you to enlighten your space.

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Stainless Steel Profile

Rising star offers an assortment of stainless steel profiles such as C profile, D profile and L profile. These profiles can be customized as per the client’s need. The profiles can be procured in various sizes, shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle etc and thickness too can be customized as per the demands of the market.Our profiles feature high resistance to heat, pressure and corrosion and is widely used in housekeeping as well as for various industrial processes.They are highly durable and can be provided at affordable prices.

Stainless Steel Column Cladding

Manufactured using finest grade stainless steel, our range of Stainless Steel Column Cladding is known for its excellent durability and strength. The use of these products provide protection to the pillars and facilitate in enhancing the decor of the building. Furthermore, these products can be availed in varied designs, shapes, sizes and dimensions.

Our range finds application in the following sectors:

stainless steel Planters

stainless steel skirting 

Stainless steel Profile

Wall and Ceiling Cladding

Stainless Steel Skirtings

Rising star has expertise in manufacturing and impeccable range of stainless steel skirting which are meant to provide a cost effective protection to walls especially in high traffic driven areas such as railways stations, airports, hospitals etc. Stainless steel skirting is manufactured by Rising star  from robust thick material in customized height, length and finishes. We ensure to supply all the Stainless Steel Skirting to our client in a quick turnaround time.

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Stainless Steel Planters

Stainless Steel Planters by Rising star are elegant and sleek and add a zinc of versatile beauty to your space, in office and home. Stainless Steel planters are the most popular choice of nature lovers as they offer an element of architectural elegance to any environment whether it is indoor, outdoor, commercial or residential. All units are made from high graded stainless steel offering excellent durability and corrosion free resistance. Steel Planters by us are available in a variety of capacities, shapes and sizes.

Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Corner guards from Rising Star are designed by renowned team of designers in a variety of wing sizes, angles and heights, following strict code and compliance. Corner guards offer complete protection from unwanted impact and prevent damage across a broad range of applications and defend your space and keep your facility looking new, stylish, and easy in function with virtual presence.

Corner guards can be easily installed, has long lasting properties and can be availed in plenty – styles and textures to serve your requirements. We have all you are looking for in a corner guard to suit your space.

stainless steel corner guard

Wall and Ceiling Cladding

Stainless Steel wall and ceiling cladding from Rising star is one of the most commonly used cladding by renowned architects across cities and has been used in many different recent installations including, Pfizer's and numerous commercial kitchens as well as hospitals, clinics and schools. They are more commonly used today in today’s building and come in patterned, dimpled, textured, embossed and also colored steel finishes. Rising star's Stainless steel Ceiling cladding is manufactured to suit individual site requirements and is easy to clean, easy to install and easy to maintain. Rising star strives to build excellence and luxury, striking a visually architectural design. Stainless Steel is an incredibly versatile material, and can be used both on the interior and exterior of buildings; it can be rolled, folded or pressed into almost any shape, creating a striking architectural effect. It is one of the most robust materials due to its superior corrosion resistance. Rising star has unique fabricating capabilities which enable architects to avail a wide variety of design options, from endless size or geometry variations, to material thickness and finishes. The majority of Stainless Steel used by Rising star is composed of recycled Stainless Steel or metal that has already served another function in the past.